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Breakthrough Long Weapon Safe for Vehicles

Now you can have peace of mind storing your rifles and shotguns in your own vehicle when travelling.

  • Innovative design just released
  • Compliant with FCA and SABS
  • Various sizes and configurations
  • Robust, failproof keyless locking
  • Suitable for sedans, hatchbacks, bakkies, SUV’s, 4×4’s, vans and trucks.

Travel with your long arms

Built for maximum security, the Pangolin R gives you the freedom to travel with your long arms and have complete peace of mind. When you can’t carry, simply secure your firearms in your motor vehicle or caravan. With a completed installation certificate for the Pangolin R you will  also be entirely within the law.

Excellent access

The innovative design with fully enclosing cover opens at the top or side according to preference. Dual gas struts assist opening and prevent inadvertent closing.  Multiple location options in most vehicles. Inner furnishing allows easy insertion and removal whilst protecting firearms against damage in transit.

Fast, failproof locking

The user friendly keyless locking system allows fast and reliable locking with visual status indication.  Simply close the cover and the safe is fully locked and bolted.

  • Simple.
  • Safe.
  • Secure.


  • Complies with SABS 953-1:2018 type B3 safe for motor vehicles and caravans
  • Sized to suit type and number of weapons, storage arrangement, orientation, vehicle, etc.
  • Supplied as a system with installation kit customised per safe and vehicle
  • Fully opening cover affords quick and easy access
  • All steel construction with minimum 3,0 mm bare metal thickness
  • Strategically located armour plate reinforcements
  • Multiple re-locking devices incorporated as standard
  • High security lock with unique keys defeats lock picking and unauthorised key duplication
  • Innovative enclosing cover resists crowbars and prybars
  • Protective interior furnishing to suit customer requirements
  • Permanent or removable options
  • Tamper resistant lock cover

For the technically minded

Product Details and Technical Specification


Pangolin R vehicle safes are dimensioned to suit the vehicle, installation location and weapons.  Usually oriented horizontally with weapons laid flat or upright. Customised interior furnishing protects the weapons from damage by bumping against each other or against the safe.


The full access opening can be arranged to be at the top or front of the safe along a long side. When front opening the hinge is located at the top. The angle at the full open position can be anything up to 180°, depending on space available in the vehicle.


The safe can be mounted flat on the floor of the vehicle or raised on mounting brackets.  Raised mountings are useful for sedans and hatchbacks as this allows stowage space under the safe and access to the boot well for spare wheel and jack, etc.

Note than in order to comply with firearms regulations the safe (or dock) must be mounted by a professional installer who must supply a certificate of installation verifying compliance with SANS 953-1:2018. 

Download the Vehicle Safe Legal Requirements.

The Pangolin R firearm safe for long arms is designed and manufactured in South Africa under license to specialist security company Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd. The products, designs and technology incorporated therein are proprietary to Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd with RSA patent application (2021/06640) pending. Pangolin R long weapon safes are distributed in South Africa by Bernhard Agencies (Pty) Ltd.

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Part 1: Safes:    
When a safe is installed in a vehicle it shall be affixed non-conspicuously to the floor or the body of the vehicle, and the owner the owner of the firearm shall obtain a certificate issued by the installer

We issue a blank Certificate of Installation with each Pangolin Safe that is to be completed by an installer.  You then retain the Certificate as proof that you had a compliant Type B3 Safe installed in your vehicle.