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The Pangolin H firearm vehicle safe for handguns

Manufactured in two types: one for permanent installation (Fixed) and the other movable (Docked). The design and components are exceptionally resistant to lock picking, lock breaking, physical penetration and removal of the safe from its mounting in the vehicle or other location.

  • Fits all popular handguns
  • Compliant with FCA and SABS
  • Fully legal with correct installation
  • Suitable for all motor vehicles
  • National trouble free installation

Travel with your handgun

Built for maximum security, the Pangolin H gives you the freedom to travel with your firearm safely and responsibly. When you can’t carry, simply secure your handgun in your motor vehicle or caravan. With a Certified installation certificate for the Pangolin H you will be entirely within the law.

Compact and unobtrusive

The low profile, installer friendly design and contoured shape of the Pangolin H lends itself to installation in a variety of accessible but unobtrusive locations in cars, bakkies and trucks. Exceptionally secure when locked, but readily uninstalled once opened.

Easy access

The gas-assisted clamshell design opens up fully, giving quick and easy access to your firearm. Two size options provide generous space for all popular handguns. High quality convoluted foam lining top and bottom shells protect your firearm and hold it in position.

Pangolin H Features

Standard features common to all Pangolin H safes (Models 180D, 180F and 180G)

  • Complies with SABS 953-1:2018 – independently tested and verified type B3 safe
  • All steel construction with strategic high hardness steel internal reinforcements
  • Innovative clamshell construction mimics the most secure creature found in nature
  • Maximum security design combined with arrangement for quick and easy access
  • Complete system supplied with standard installation kit for the installer
  • High security lock with unique keys eliminates possibility of lock picking
  • Compact design permits quick and minimally invasive installation
  • One year warranty supplied as standard
  • Installation Certificate as per SANS 953-1:2018 supplied with safe ready for completion

The econo Model 180G is supplied without interior furnishing.

Optional additional features according to model

  • Movable option, one safe for use in multiple locations (Model 180D)
  • Additional dock to be used with the movable Model 180D
  • Gas strut assisted opening (Models 180F and 180D)
  • Scratch, impact and stain resistant Pangolin Armokote finish (Models 180F and 180D)
  • Interior felt and foam furnishing protects firearms against dust and impact (Models 180F and 180D)
  • Two Year Extended Warranty (Models 180F and 180D)
  • Model 180G
  • Model 180F
  • Model 180D
Pangolin H Features Model 180GModel 180FModel 180D
Pangolin H Features
SANS 953-1 type B3 safeCompliesCompliesComplies
Bare metal thickness3,0 mm3,0 mm3,0 mm
Armour plate reinforcingYesYesYes
LidAnti prybarAnti prybarAnti prybar
HingeConcealed full lengthConcealed full lengthConcealed full length
Installation kitYesYesYes
Installation kit fastenersBlack steelStainless SteelStainless Steel
High security lockYesYesYes
KeysTwo non-copyableTwo non-copyableTwo non copyable
Relocking devicesTwoTwoTwo
Fixed or movable versionFixedFixedMovable
For one handgun or twoOneOneOne
Gas strut assistNoYesYes
Armokote finishNoYesYes
LiningNoneBlack felt In lidBlack felt In lid
PaddingNoneConvoluted foamConvoluted foam
Generous contoursNoYesYes
Lanyard & lobster claw clipNoYesYes
Supplied with dockN/AN/AYes
WarrantyOne yearTwo yearsTwo years
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For the technically minded

Product Details and Technical Specification

Pangolin H Fixed Safe

The Pangolin H fixed safe is available in two sizes and is permanently mounted in position with the supplied installation kit.

The kit consists of the necessary bolts, nuts, washers and spreader plates for attachment to a flat part of the vehicle bodywork. An option is available to installers that permits attachment to closed box sections where access is possible from one side only.

Pangolin H Docked Safe

The Pangolin H docked safe is available in two sizes and can be attached or detached from the dock in a few seconds, enabling one safe to be used in multiple locations by purchasing and installing additional docks.

Pangolin H Dock

The Pangolin H dock is permanently mounted in position with the supplied installation kit. The kit consists of the necessary bolts, nuts washers and spreader plates for attachment to a flat part of the vehicle bodywork. An option is available to installers that permits attachment to closed box sections where access Is possible from one side only.

Note than in order to comply with firearms regulations the safe (or dock) must be mounted by a professional installer who must supply a certificate of installation verifying compliance with SANS 953-1:2018. 

Download the Vehicle Safe Legal Requirements.

Pangolin safes are manufactured in South Africa under license to specialist security company Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd. The products, designs and technology incorporated therein are proprietary to Biagi Saga Technologies (Pty) Ltd with PCT patent application (PCT/IB2020/056610) pending and South African Registered Design A2019/01076 pending.

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Part 1: Safes:    
When a safe is installed in a vehicle it shall be affixed non-conspicuously to the floor or the body of the vehicle, and the owner the owner of the firearm shall obtain a certificate issued by the installer

We issue a blank Certificate of Installation with each Pangolin Safe that is to be completed by an installer.  You then retain the Certificate as proof that you had a compliant Type B3 Safe installed in your vehicle.