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Instant Security

Pangolin Safes are built for maximum security and ease of use. Our patented detachable docking system clips into the Isofix anchor points in your vehicle. Install or remove the Isofix dock and Pangolin Safe from any modern vehicle at a moment’s notice, without the need for any vehicle alterations.

Versatile and cost effective

The optional Pangolin fixed dock makes it easy to secure your Pangolin Safe in your boot or bakkie or at locations like your home or office.  Save costs with one safe for multiple locations, even in caravans, boats or at holiday homes.

Portable and protective

The Pangolin Safe’s sleek design and comfortable handle makes it fully portable and easy to carry between your vehicle, home, office or anywhere you want to keep your possessions safe.  Generous padding protects your laptop in the event of accidents.

For the technically minded

Product Details and Technical Specification


  • Secured in moments with patent-pending, quick release docking system
  • Innovative registered design for fast access and maximum security
  • Ultra high strength bonded dual layer rigidised aluminium construction
  • Scratch, impact and stain resistant epoxy powder coated finish
  • Protects laptops against dust and impact with felt and foam lined interior
  • Fully portable – convenient and comfortable carrying handle
  • Versatile and cost effective – one safe affords security in multiple locations
  • Holds up to 15.6” laptops with sufficient depth to add cell phone and tablet
  • Available in 4 striking colours – textured bronze, white, silver vein and black

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Pangolin Isofix Dock

The Pangolin Isofix Dock is secured in position in seconds by snapping onto the standard Isofix tethers in any modern vehicle and released just as easily using the provided quick release tool. The dock can also be attached to other locations using the Pangolin Isofix Tether Kit.
Supplied in black.

Pangolin Isofix Tether Kit

The Pangolin Isofix Tether Kit provides any flat surface with the Isofix tethers required by the Pangolin Dock A. This means that your Pangolin Safe can be secured with a removable dock to a floor panel or other convenient part of your vehicle’s bodywork, such as in the boot or trunk. In the unlikely event that your car does not come standard with Isofix tethers or if you would like to install your Pangolin in a part of your vehicle where there aren’t any Isofix tethers present, the Pangolin Isofix tether kit will need to be purchased and permanently installed by an approved fitment centre or DIY.
Supplied in black

Pangolin Fixed Dock

The Pangolin Fixed Dock is meant to be permanently attached to any flat surface like a wall, desk or cupboard. This enables your Pangolin Safe to be secured at home or office as well as in your vehicle.
Supplied in black.