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How to be super relaxed in travelling with your valuables every day

Carry whilst driving, lock away safely when you can’t

YES, you can happily travel with your firearm and legally leave it in your vehicle when you can’t carry.  Without a worry.  Ultra-secure Pangolin firearm safes are unsurpassed.  You will not only meet, but exceed South African regulations and standards for temporary storage of firearms in vehicles.

Endorsed by Legally Armed, the Pangolin H for handguns and Pangolin R for long weapons provide total assurance.  Advanced design and formidable construction are perfected with an all but unpickable lock.  As confidently expressed by one highly impressed and very satisfied customer “It would be easier to cut the Pangolin safe out of my car than break into it.”

Travelling with laptops, jewellery, cash, gems, precious stones, collectibles?  Join the cool traveller club with a Pangolin L safe.  Exceptionally convenient and easy to use, yet providing you with effective protection against all forms of opportunistic theft.

What’s yours is yours, and will remain yours, when locked in your Pangolin safe.


Protecting pangolins in Africa

At Pangolin, we care about more than just keeping you and your possessions safe. We also support the protection and conservation of endangered animals in Africa, especially pangolins since they are the most highly illegally trafficked animals in the world.  Every sale of a Pangolin safe enables us to make a financial contribution toward the Black Mamba anti-poaching unit of Transfrontier Africa and thereby support their mission to protect these increasingly rare and precious animals.