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Innovation brings peace of mind

At Pangolin, we believe everyone has the right to self-protection and security.

We also believe that the safest and best place for a firearm and laptop is with the owner.  However, we have come to learn that many responsible owners encounter work and leisure situations which make this an impossibility, having to travel with exposure to high risk, but then unable to carry with them into many work, business and leisure environments.  Pangolin firearm and laptop safes are designed to overcome this problem with simple but secure mobile protection and security solutions for people on the go.

Our patented security products are designed and manufactured in South Africa to the highest quality and standards. Our flagship Pangolin Safe is designed to go where you are.

This means that for your own protection you can now take your firearm with you, whether travelling for work, business or pleasure.  You can also secure your laptop and other possessions whether you’re on the road, at home, at the office or with you on holiday.


Protecting pangolins in Africa

At Pangolin, we care about more than just keeping you and your possessions safe. We also support the protection and conservation of endangered animals in Africa, especially pangolins since they are the most highly illegally trafficked animals in the world.  Every sale of a Pangolin safe enables us to make a financial contribution toward the Black Mamba anti-poaching unit of Transfrontier Africa and thereby support their mission to protect these increasingly rare and precious animals.