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Pangolin L Series FAQ

Pangolin safes are available from approved resellers or can be purchased directly off our website.  Check our website for a list of resellers or contact us to find the one closest to you.

Two years on the 180F and 180D. One year on the 180G.  Three years on R series safes. The Pangolin manufacturer’s warranty covers any defect in materials or workmanship affecting your Pangolin safe for two years the warranty period from the date of purchase by the original purchaser.  The usual T&C’s apply (not subject to abuse, etc.) and are detailed in the manual.

There is no SABS or SANS standard for a portable laptop safe.

To comply with firearms control regulations, all vehicle firearm safes must be affixed by an installer who must provide you with an installation certificate that complies with the requirements of SANS 953-1:2018.  Note that the vehicle must be equipped with an immobiliser.

The standard does not specifically define “installer” but Pangolin Security Products interprets this to mean a fitment centre or professional installer who is independent and familiar with vehicle installations so that integrity is assured and risk of compromising the vehicle and safe is minimised.

The plain dock or tether kit is readily un-installed once the safe is removed.  The exposed mounting holes should be blanked off to prevent possible water and dust ingress and to maintain aesthetics.

No – this is not required for your Pangolin L Series safe.

If you have registered your Pangolin firearm safe with Pangolin Security Products according to the instructions provided with the safe we can supply you with a replacement key after authenticating the request.  If it has not been registered and we cannot authenticate the legitimate owner, the safe will have to be destroyed to gain access to it.

Yes – you should be able to do this at any good locksmith if you provide them with one of your keys. 

The requirements of the FIREARMS CONTROL REGULATIONS and SANS 953-1:2018 are that the mounting location must:

  1. Permit attachment by bolting to the floor or other part of the steel bodywork of the vehicle.
  2. Allow the safe to be non-conspicuous once installed.

Additional practical requirements are that there must be ready access to the interior of the safe and it must not obstruct vehicle driver’s controls.  It is a matter of choice between the owner and installer.  These are some of the more popular examples that have been found to work:

  • On the floor immediately in front of the front passenger seat
  • On the floor partly under the driver’s seat, which is pushed back for access by the driver
  • On the floor in front of a left or right rear passenger seat
  • On the floor in front of a left or right rear passenger seat but partly under a front seat, which may need to be pushed forward for access
  • In the boot of a car or load bin of a bakkie
  • On the steel platform behind the front seats in extended cab bakkies.

See “Installation” for more information.

There is a solution available from Pangolin Security Products or your installer in the form of a special fastener that can attach securely to the bodywork from one side only.  NB: This fastener must only be used when access to the underside of the floorplate is not possible.


Unlike the Pangolin H, it is not essential for your Pangolin L safe to be secured to the steel bodywork of your vehicle, but it is recommended to do so.  If this is not possible then ensure that the alternative will provide the level of security that you require.

In order to maintain integrity of the installation it is recommended that the Pangolin L tether kit is secured with 4 bolts no smaller in diameter than those supplied and in the designated positions.  However this is not essential if the alternative meets your required level of security.

No, the Pangolin L series laptop safes are not compliant with either the FIREARMS CONTROL ACT or SANS 953-1 and cannot legally be used for firearms.

Presently we do not manufacture a safe for 17” laptops, but would be pleased to receive your enquiry as we would like to establish if there is sufficient interest to produce a larger safe.