Pangolin laptop safe with Isofix dock

R5,046 Incl. VAT

Safe, Durable And Secure

Pangolin Safes are built for high security. The dual skin shell with epoxy powder coat, high quality tubular lock, enclosing cover and independent locking bolts stops would-be thieves dead in their tracks.

Quick Installation

The Pangolin safe’s patented docking system is made to work with your car’s built-in Isofix anchor points, making your safe quick and easy to install. Our adaptable docks and tether kits also make it easy to fit your Pangolin in your boot or at other locations like your home or office.

Portable And Dockable

The Pangolin Safe’s sleek design and comfortable handle makes it fully portable and easy to carry between your vehicle, home, office or anywhere you want to keep your possessions safe.